The Swift Locomotive Works Air Seal is mounted in the side of the smoke box. The Air Seal is the device which translates the linear motion from the bell crank into a rotary motion of the steam valve shaft.

Air Seal picture showing components of the Air Seal Assembly
  • Six Lost Wax Castings
    • 5 in 316 stainless steel
    • 1 in 1015 mild steel
  • Functioning Inspection Port (As per prototype)
  • 8-32 (Right Hand) Threads on Clevis
  • Square drive on steam valve shaft for maximum torque transmission
  • Body of the Air Seal is cast from 1015 mild steel so that it is easily welded to your smoke box

Air Seal ------------ $437.55

Please contact us to check on the availabiliy of parts.

Contact Info

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    swiftlocomotiveworks at gmail dot com

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    1501 Kestrel Ct
    Norman, OK.

  • Phone:

    (405) 990-1323


Below is a video of the Air Seal which will further explain its features

Click the lower right corner of the video to expand to full screen