These are the seven castings required to fabricate an exact 1.6 Scale replica of the Bell, Clapper and Mounting Bracket used on Union Pacific Big Boy, Challenger and Northern locomotives. These parts are raw castings and will require removal of the sprues, and machining prior to assembly. Only the castings will be provided, any hardware and bar stock required to fabricate and assemble the Bell are not part of this kit. The Casting Kit also includes 6 fully detailed Engineering Drawings.

/// WARNING ////

Machining Stainless Steel is not difficult, but it is VERY unforgiving. If you are not accustomed to machining Stainless, I strongly suggest you familiarize yourself with how to machine Stainless before attempting any machine work on these castings; because you can ruin a casting in a split second.

bell Casting Pic
  • Seven Lost Wax Castings in 316 Stainless Steel
  • Your choise of Bells
  • Six Engineering Drawings

Casting Kit (Minus the Bell)----------------- $198.95

Bell (Add one of the following Bells)

Stainless Steel Bell--------------------------- $21.10


Bronze Bell----------------------------------- $35.43


Polished Bronze Bell-------------------------- $74.09

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    Below is a video of the Bell - Casting Kit

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    Drawing of the Bell kit after assembly