Swift Locomotive Works is proud to offer a full set of drawings which will produce a fully functioning 1/8th scale Feed Water Heater. This Feed Water Heater will be a spectacular addition to any Locomotive. All drawings are full scale, so there is no need to calculate scaling factors. The drawing package consists of 16 individual drawings. The first 11 drawings detail the construction of the Feed Water Heater itself. The next 5 drawings detail installation of Feed Water Heater onto the locomotive, including the modifications necessary to port exhaust steam from the exhaust manifold up to the Feed Water Heater. The drawing set consists of 11 C-sized; 4 D-sized and 1 E-sized drawings.

Feed Water Drawing Set
  • Full Scale Drawings
  • 16 total drawings
  • All drawings were originally drawn in AutoCAD, so they are clear and easy to read

Feed Water Drawing Set (16 Sheets) ------------ $60.00

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