The Swift Locomotive Works Pilot is a fully functionl 1.6" Scale Model of the Pilot used by Union Pacific on their Northern, Chalinger and Big Boy Locomotives. The Pilot comes complete with fully functioning door, coupler, and uncoupling rods. All castings are developed from original blue prints from the Union Pacific Railroad.

Pilot Ready to Roll
  • Nine Lost Wax Casting in 316 Stainless Steel
  • - Pilot Casting
  • - Door Casting
  • - Right and Left Pilot steps
  • - Release Bracket 'B'
  • - Four Release Bracket 'A's
  • Fully functioning Coupler Release Mechanism
  • Fully fuctioning Pilot Door, with functioning locking mechanism
  • Pilot steps rivited to Pilot as per original
  • Two steps fabricated from bar stock

This is a spectacular model. A must have for the most descriminting Modeler.

Pilot (Ready-to-Roll) ----------/// The Pilot and Door castings have been temporarily discontinued ///

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    Norman, OK.

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