Swift Locomotive Works supplies an exact scale model of Union Pacific's Throttle. The fundamental trouble with the existing throttle quadrant is that it was designed to be used by the Engineer, setting inside the cab. In 1/8th scale locomotives, the Engineer typically sets on the tender and operates the throttle by reaching through the cab roof. In most applications the exact scale throttle can be a bit awkward to operate. This new variation maintains the same function of the existing throttle, but relocated the operating handle up closer to the engineer.

Under Development
  • All metal parts are fabricated from Stainless Steel (except the Spring, which is Zinc plated Steel)
  • Five Lost Wax Casting in 316 Stainless Steel
  • 26 Precision laser cut parts
  • Fully functioning locking mechanism on the Throttle Valve Lever
  • 23 Locking positions on the Throttle Valve Lever
  • Fully functioning detents on the drifting valve lever
  • 4-40 Threads on the Whistle and Drifting Valve Clevises
  • 8-32 (Right Hand) Threads on the Throttle Shaft
  • Independent Mid Steel mounting plate for ease of welding to the boiler

The Throttle Quadrant can be customized depending on your requirements. All Throttle Quadrants come standard with the Throttle Valve Lever. The quadrant can be customized with the addition of the whistle valve lever and/or the drifting valve lever.

Base Throttle Quadrant ------------- TBD

Add on the Whistle Valve Lever ---- $47.52

Add on the Drifting Valve Lever --- $214.27

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Below is a video of the Throttle Quadrant and the two optional add-on levers

Click the lower right corner of the video to expand it to full screen