Swift Locomotive Works is dedicated to serving the Large Scale Railroading Community by producing the most accurately scaled parts at the lowest price possible.

Swift Locomotive Works scales all our parts to 1.6 inches to the foot. The dimensions for all the parts come from original blueprints in order to insure highest degree of authenticity. When a part is scaled down, there are almost always engineering tradeoffs which have to be made. As an example, a part in full scale which is 1/4 of an inch thick, but when scaled down becomes 1/32 of an inch thick. At 1/32 of an inch, the part will have lost the required mechanical strength to function. Thus a slight compromise must be made between scale and functionality. In order to make the part functional and reliable, the part thickness will have to be increased. Swift Locomotive Works strives to keep the concessions to scale to a minimum, while still maintaining functionality and reliability.

Every supplier makes these engineering choices. Many of the suppliers, by their choice of materials and the processes used (typically Sand-Cast Aluminum or Cast Iron) are forced to provide a part which is "standoff scale"; that is, a part which from a distance looks close to correct, but under any closer scrutiny starts to show its lack of detail and its deviation from true scale. Swift Locomotive Works has chosen to use Investment Cast (A.K.A. Lost wax casting) Stainless Steel because of its ability to reproduce a high level of detail while maintaining a high degree of mechanical strength.

Swift Locomotive Works endeavors to keep costs down by only charging for Value Added Work. Value Added Work is work the customer is willing to pay for. Take for example drilling a hole which will be used to install a clevis pin. The customer wants a functional part and drilling the hole is required for the assembly to function; drilling the hole is Value Added Work. Now take the example of creating this web page. Even though this web page is vital for communication between the customer and Swift Locomotive Works, the customer is not looking to buy the web page; they are looking to buy train parts. The time and effort that went into creating and maintaining the web page is non Value Added, and Swift Locomotive Works does not charge for it. Because Swift Locomotive Works only charges for Value Added Work, there is no room for negotiating a lower price. The price is already set at its lowest possible point.

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